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"Tabulated performance data for safe
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Route Performance Manual

The Route Performance Manual (RPM) is a customised binder containing Airport Analyses for any number of airports/runways chosen by the customer and the content is updated by a revision service including NOTAM monitoring. The final product is a sturdy steel backed A4 or A5 binder including a tailored explanatory introduction to the Analyses, a table of contents and all of your preferred Airport Analyses in an alphabetic register. The RPM comes with the option of color coding sheets for easy recognition of performance parameters and if required, additional sections of the RPM may be added to include driftdown and/or mass & balance documents.

Other features that come with the RPM service are: Access to customer webpages for ad-hoc orders of Airport Analyses, electronic RPM archive with indication when Analyses have become outdated and notification via email for NOTAM and AIP updates effecting your Analyses. We can also offer a completely electronic RPM with updates via the online RPM archive and/or as pdf-files.

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