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Performance GURU

"Paperless cockpit philosophy"

Performance Guru

With performance Guru we have put together a package that is the best combination of products and services found on the market today. Used on a daily basis by operators worldwide, Guru should be in every Flight Bag.

When you look at the total package, flexibility and all round useability,the performance Guru is safer, more reliable and more available than any other solution. Guru includes the entire worldwide airport database that many Flygprestanda customers have used with confidence for over 30 years. The performance Guru software does not collect data externally, eliminating the uncertainty of phone or data links. With this service you always have the full flexibility to calculate performance for any runway or alternate you may ever need.

In addition to this, you have instant access to an engine failure Take-off procedure for the runway should you ever need it. Guru is available as a performance calculation tool only or together with a graphical weight and balance module.

But performance Guru is more than the license to use a software program. Flygprestanda can offer Guru as a package of services tailored to meet customer requirements. While these requirements are based on the regulations of various aviation authorities and governing rules like EU-OPS, they are nevertheless special for your airline's operational needs.Performance Guru customers may be as diverse as an operator of a small fleet of similar aircraft that wishes to move towards the eventual establishment of a full EFB, or a major airline with scheduled, charter and ad hoc flights needing the flexibility and immediate results that only a standalone solution can give.

Our commitment

Flygprestanda always agrees on the exact composition of the services to be delivered in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This means that you are informed about every aspect of the purchase and know exactly what to expect in terms of configuration, timing, quantity, updating and how to make changes. Incidentally, this makes supplier quality audits a breeze!

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