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"Paperless cockpit philosophy"

Accuracy is the key to a successful operation.
Easy to use is it´s companion.

Guru2 - Flight Data

The flight data can be entered manually or imported from the flight planning system.
The flight is the holder for all Mass & Balance and Performance data created.

Guru2 - Mass & Balance

M&B made easy

This is where the performance calculation starts. Know how all of your items on board affects the flight through out all phases. The CG envelope reacts to each entry within the module - from fuel distribution, baggage compartments, pantry objects to crew and passengers. The result of this gives us our TOM and ALM for a specific flight. To speed up the process, we also let you configure default setups. When you have completed the module, we use the masses to perform the take off and landing analysis.


- Individual or section seating
- Passenger types configurable
- CG-envelope updated on each entry
- CG-envelope verified for each point from takeoff mass to zero fuel mass
- Load total fuel or individual tanks - Fuel load schedule - Fuel burn schedule - Fuel density - Configurable default crew options
- Configurable catering options
- Tail based M&B database maintained by Flygprestanda

Guru2 - Performance

Guru2 - Aircraft performance at your fingertips

Guru2 is our renowned Aircraft Performance and Mass & Balance calculator used by operators all over the world. Designed for use on Apple iPads or Windows tablets, it is versatile, fast and reliable.

Guru2 runs our state of the art performance software and utilizes a robust, dynamic system architecture that allows for offline calculations. Wireless updates are easy, whatever platform you choose to run it on.

For your safety, Guru2 takes the human factor into account, with notifications indicating attempts to operate outside of acceptable performance parameters.


* Takeoff and Landing Performance
* World wide Airport Database
* Digital Signing
* Mass & Balance with Graphical CG and Seat Plan
* AMC20-25 compliant
* EFTP - Engine Failure Takeoff Procedures
* iOS and Windows ready
Guru2 has been developed to run both on iPad and Windows tablets
* Offline calculations
Get instant results anywhere, anytime. Integrated airport database and no internet connection required for calculations.
* Integrated notifications
Pilots are notified when updates are available on their devices.

Aircraft configuration check

The performance software validates the takeoff and landing configuration selected.
If the configuration is not valid, you will get a red box telling the combination that is invalid and suggests how to solve it.

Runway Conditions

The runway conditions used are depending on what the manufacturer presents and your preferences. A normal setup is to have
* Dry runway
* Wet Runway
* Reduced braking action from reported 0.40 to 0.20.
* Standing Water
* Slush Water
* Wet Snow
* Dry Snow

There are many other options depending on what is available in the AFM - Contact Flygprestanda for information on your aircraft type.

Reduced Power Takeoff

A reduced thrust takeoff is a takeoff that is accomplished utilizing less thrust than the engines are capable of producing under the existing conditions of temperature and pressure altitude. Some of the advantages are increased engine life, fuel savings and reduced overhaul costs on maintenance. There are two methods of achieving this, either by a deration or assumed temperature.


A deration electronically reduces the rated thrust of an engine to either a prespecified value or to a certain percentage.

Assumed Temperature

If the thrust requirement for the takeoff is known, the associated temperature at which this thrust would be produced can be extracted from Guru2 if the AFM/SCAP offer this option. This "assumed" temperature is then entered into the FMS.

MEL items

The Guru2 has a MMEL module than can be implemented for your aircraft types on request.
The performance penalties from the MMEL are implemented in the performance software. Once a MMEL item has been selected the performance penalties are applied.

Additional nice to know information

Nice to know information has been separated from the flight data card. The idea behind is to only show vital information of the data card.

Integration to flight planning

The infrastructure for the integration is currently being built up.


- The flights can be imported from the flight planning system.
- Flygprestanda Airport Analysis can be added to the trip kit.
- Operational flight Plans can be shown in Guru2.

Rocket Route

- The flights can be imported from the flight planning system.

Guru2 - Administration

Guru2 BackOffice - A powerful contents manager

A perfect complement

The Guru2 BackOffice is a comprehensive tool for administrating Guru2 devices; managing documents sent to the device, providing both devices and pilots with instant and up-to-date information. Developed with transparency in mind, the communication between documents, devices and pilots is clear and easy to manage. Guru2 BackOffice brings a whole new level of flexibility and control to your operations.

How does it work?

We have developed an easy to use back office solution enabling smooth operations management and two way communication. The two main components of your EFB suite will be the Guru2 and the Guru2 BackOffice. These work in perfect unison, synchronizing necessary information whenever internet access is available. Maintaining the Guru2 through the BackOffice is what ensures accurate offline calculations.

Guru2 BackOffice Key Benefits:

* Extensive device content archiving
* Document version control
* Device management
* Device content control
* Logging of administrative actions and document updates

DAD - Dynamic Airport Database

Worldwide airport data for successful flight operations

Built and maintained for over 30 years and spanning more than 8000 airports worldwide, Flygprestanda´s Dynamic Airport Database is your most reliable source of airport information.

Continuously updated and maintained airport data is essential for successful flight operations. Flygprestanda´s airport data is well known across the globe and trusted by our customers to be accurate and safe.

The DAD is updated every AIRAC cycle and maintained by Flygprestanda. It can be delivered in various formats and is used in Flygprestanda flagship products like Guru2 and Airport Analysis.

The Dynamic Airport Database gives your flight operations an extra edge in always getting the most out of every takeoff or landing. Our engine-out procedures are optimized to always provide the operator with the maximum possible takeoff mass under safe conditions.


Our airport data includes Engine Failure Takeoff Procedures, used by our renowned Guru2 application.


DAD is updated with fresh NOTAM data maintained by Flygprestanda Operations Support.
The airport database in Guru2 includes all NOTAMs that may change performance regardless of the duration of the NOTAM.

Integrate with LPC / STAS / E-Perf

Our Airport Data is well suited for integrating with Airbus LPC, Boeing STAS, Embraer E-perf or other Performance Engineering Program (PEP)

Includes all data for safe performance calculations:
* Geographical position and elevation
* Runway lengths and limits
* Runway slope
* Obstacles

Performance Software

All performance software used is wrapped in Flygprestandas Performance Wrapper Interface (FPWI).
The Performance Wrapper is used for internally produced performance modules based on the AFM or manufacturer SCAP modules.

We have a single generation performance software in Guru2, meaning that
- a new generic feature can be introduced to multi type fleets in a short period of time.
- testing is simplified and safer using a single wrapper.
- large diverse aircraft fleets can be used with the same features implemented.

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