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"Master flight scheduling
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Flight Operation Control System

FOCS, Flight Operations Control System will provide enhanced scheduling and flight planning, anywhere at any time. FOCS is a modern system built for todays operational demands, offering the user superior control and support in their daily operations.

The system is highly flexible and developed to improve your operational efficiency. FOCS will give the user better control, a complete view of all flights and will help to customise presentation according to the type of operations. The user will also be able to prepare schedules for coming seasons and to run Airport Analyses to determine the profitability of planned destinations.

Our route optimisation tool will find the best route taking into account all parameters required to get the best/most economical route possible. With a few clicks the route can be filed to Eurocontrol and a tripkit assigned to the pilot. Combined with a web-interface FOCS will let the crew collect the tripkit from any location before the flight.

Needless to say

FOCS interacts with our Airport Analyses, making the system more complete, safer and easier to use than any other system.

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