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Drift down Analysis

"Enroute engine failure calculations
for any route world-wide"

Drift down calculations worldwide

Flygprestanda can offer drift down calculations for any route worldwide using a software developed inhouse by our experienced software developers.

Our calculations are based on topographical satellite data, ARINC aeronautical data and individual AFM performance data. The software generates an accurate drift down calculation within seconds, providing any operator with; multiple PDP's for different wind conditions, aircraft service ceiling and a terrain crossection of the requested route. All presented in a graphical pdf-format document and of course all according to EU-OPS requirements. We currently service a wide range of aircraft types and new ones are constantly being added. By always using the latest information available together with precise satellite data the high quality of the drift down analyses is assured.

Speed and quality

We offer the drift down calculations as a stand alone service and ordering a drift down is easy. All we need to produce an analysis is a few details about your aircraft and the routes, then we are good to go. With 40 years of experience in the aircraft performance field we focus on delivering high quality services. We are working according to a ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system and are constantly monitoring and improving our services.

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