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Customer Area

"Web-based service delivery,
with speed and reliability"

Customer ease of use

Our commitment to providing the best service possible to our customers takes expression in our website services. For many of our customers this has meant the ability to read and print out analyses without having to install special software. Furthermore, because many of our customers use the website services exclusively for all their performance, they need a reliable system to store, sort and find analyses. Our website data archive and RPM data archive meet these needs. We are constantly developing and improving web services with respect to the RPM so that on-line maintenance of the RPM will be completely available and easily managed by you.

Our servers are continuously in operation 24 hours, seven days a week and our fail safe system means that we do not experience any data loss and have an extremely low rate of server down time.

Speed and reliability

We aim to continue improving our web services and hope that you, our customer will continue to find extra value by being a part of their use and critical evalution. We are always interested to hear your comments, criticisms or ideas for development and encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs.

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