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Software Developer - C


This position offers challenging C software development within our Operations Engineering Department. Operations Engineering is responsible for a family of aircraft performance softwares producing takeoff and landing performance calculations for use by pilots.

Required Skills

Applicant must have at least one year's experience of C development. Good knowledge in english and swedish is required as the applicant must be able to write concise documentation for internal and external use.

Desirable Skills

Applicant should be motivated, organised and have the skill necessary to convey complex concepts to a non-technical audience.


A successful applicant is expected to have an engineering degree or similar.

All further training will be conducted by Flygprestanda AB.


This position provides an opportunity to further develope your programming skills and also to learn more about aviation and the airline industry.


Full time employment at Adelgatan 8 in Malmö


Åke Grundemar, 040-6420026 will be happy to answer your questions.


Send your application and CV to (Marked-Software Developer C) or use regular mail.

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