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Working at Flygprestanda AB

Flygprestanda AB produces software and databases for several hundred airline companies worldwide. Our services include software development and technical calculations on an engineering level with focus on delivering all the necessary and required information that is needed for successful commercial flights.

Our employees

As one of our employees you are good at dealing with data from official sources and creating information according to different rules, regulations and norms. You are interested in technical information and also, depending on the position, have the following qualifications:

  • Good mathematical abilities and programming (C, Java) skills.
  • Experience of the commercial aviation industry.
  • Languages (a high level of English is a requirement)
  • Experience of creating, testing and editing software and underpinning algorithms.

Flygprestanda AB operates according to collective contracts and salaries are regulated by a system based on the requirements of the employees position and individual performance. The requirements that lead to a permanent contract, such as knowledge and competence are clearly defined. In order to attain a higher salary you have to perform according to the established norms. These requirements and norms are discussed at annual development and salary meetings.


Our quality system provides a description of how we utilize our human resources. Employees are divided among all five of the company's departments. Each department has a manager who reports directly to our Managing Director. Apart from the staff of Operation Support department, every employee has a flexible working timetable between 07:00am to 18:00pm. All the rules, duties and benefits related to working at Flygprestanda AB have been put together in a staff manual.

Your contribution

Everyone employed by Flygprestanda AB is expected to develop and become more skilled in their particular roles. One of the company's goals is to raise its employees capabilities and effectivity. This aim is reached by continuously training and educating all employees. The process is carried out both internally and externally. Being employed by Flygprestanda AB means that you can look forward to many challenges leading to greater personal development. Many of our employees have worked for us for a long period of time owing to the job security and favourable working conditions offered by the company. It is satisfying enough to be counted as one of Flygprestanda ABs resources!