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Airport Analysis

"In most cases, an airport analysis
is generated within seconds"

Generated within seconds

The purpose of our Airport Analysis is to improve fuel burn figures, maximize takeoff and landing masses and to ensure that obstacle clearance can be achieved for all runway conditions.

Our Airport Analysis is the result of combining optimised AFM or SCAP performance data with the content of our worldwide airport database, which includes runway, obstacle and EFTP information. The Airport Analyses from Flygprestanda can present tabulated takeoff, landing and go around performance data for dry, wet and contaminated runway surfaces either as electronic files delivered via our web services or as hard copy paper sheets collated in a Route Performance Manual (RPM). Optional parameters that can be taken into account include; all aircraft settings including MEL items, minimum EFFRA, optimised or fixed V-speed ratios and special engine failure procedures.

Our Airport Analyses have been used with confidence for many years and are well regarded throughout the world for their easy to use format. However, if you have special requirements regarding layout, a suitable solution may be arranged.

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