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We have put together a package that is the best combination of products and services found on the market today...

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With modern technology we enable the fastest and most reliable delivery of Airport Analyses...


Calculations based on topographical satellite data, ARINC aeronautical data and individual AFM performance data...

Ad-hoc Operators

With our combined Guru2 and web-services we have put together the optimal performance and weight & balance system.The Guru2 software offers real time calculations in your laptop or smartphone, and since there is no need to have an internet connection to perform calculations the Guru may be used anywhere at any time. Perfect for guaranteeing reliable ad-hoc operations! As with all Flygprestanda services our Guru system includes a web based customer account with the possibility to download tabulated Airport Analyses for your aircrafts. Via the web-account other documentation and downloads are made available such as user guides, training material and company files.

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