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Our vision

Leading the way, supplying innovative systems that support our clients in their daily operations.

Our Mission

Reflects our vision as a company, to give our clients the best possible services and to continue to be the leading supplier of aircraft performance.

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Company presentation

Flygprestanda is a full-service solution provider of IT services for airline operations, management and control. With hundreds of deployed solutions and four decades of experience in performance engineering, systems design and software development, Flygprestanda continues to be at the forefront in meeting the unique needs of world-class airlines.

The primary object of our services is to support our clients with up-to-date Airport Analysis for all airports used as destinations or alternates in their operations. We have experience in the aircraft performance area since 1969 and are serving and supporting operations worldwide.

Sources of Information

The source of producing the analysis program, that are all developed in house to have control of the software, is the approved Aircraft Flight Manual(AFM). The main sources for airport data are national AIPs, NOTAMs, topographical charts and airport authority information. Extracts from the FOCS(tm) systems is also used to determinate terrain clearance and procedure design.


If you are looking for something in particular, please don't hesitate to contact Flygprestanda AB. We are happy to help you with any problems that might come in your way.

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